Genesis – Beginnings

At the beginning of each new year there is an inclination to turn over a new leaf (or leaves) in our lives. Lose some weight, give up smoking, drinking or swearing or for Christian believers perhaps study the bible more, pray more often or perhaps just determine to be grateful for the many blessings that we have received from Heaven – whether we always feel that to be the case or not.

About 50 years ago an amazing gentleman by the name of Ken Taylor took on himself the task of writing a bible which was more readable for his children than the King James Version which was his translation of choice.

For the next ten years Taylor researched and wrote what became the Living Bible. Though initially written for Taylor’s children, it became a source of great blessing for many thousands around the world including myself; for it was in 1982 whilst I was reading a chapter a day from Matthew’s gospel in the Living Bible, that I came to believe in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross, repented of my unbelief and received the wonderful gift of salvation and eternal life.

So as I begin this year, it is my intention that by God’s grace I will narrate the King James Bible and post the audio files and links each day on this website so that others can benefit from it also – should visitors choose to do so..

My intention is to follow the One Year Immersion Plan which entails narrating the Old Testament once and the New Testament three times during the year. I have opted for this format because as wonderful as the Old Testament is – the New Testament is better.

As Hebrews 8:6 puts it – “But now has he [Jesus Christ] obtained a more excellent ministry, by how much also he is the mediator of a better covenant, which was established upon better promises. As Christian believers we do not need to apologise that what God has granted us through faith in His Son is better than the observances and practices of the Old Testament which never made any one perfect.

If you enjoy listening and reading this each day, please pass on the website address to your friends and colleagues so that they might enjoy the experience also.

Please also feel free to leave any constructive comments or testimonies below for the edification of others.

Kingdom blessings,

John Holme
January 1st 2016

About Johnzh

John Holme is the National Coordinator for Operation - Great Britain a ministry which is dedicated to see righteousness restore Britain back to her former greatness or to die in the process.
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