Welcome to morningthought.org. If this is your first visit to the site then we hope it’s not your last; if you’ve been before thanks for returning again.

We read in Mark 1:35 that the Lord Jesus Christ rose up early in the morning, departed from the house in which he had been staying and went to a solitary place to pray to His Father in Heaven. There is something very special about seeking God in the early morning before the devil gets up. What I mean by that is before the mail and newspapers arrive, the phone rings and the TV or radio tell us about all the bad things which are going on in the world. The purpose of this website, as the name suggests is to help us stimulate Kingdom thinking that we may serve Him in an increasingly effective way.

About Johnzh

John Holme is the National Coordinator for Operation - Great Britain a ministry which is dedicated to see righteousness restore Britain back to her former greatness or to die in the process.
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