To all those of you who avidly listen and read the 6 chapters of the bible I put up on my blog each day, please accept my sincere apology that today’s episode is still not up. I have two problems, 1. my voice is hoarse and 2. I have been up all night trying to get my books ready to give to my accountant for the end of the tax year and so I have run out of time.

I will endeavour to rectify the situation before the day is out.

God bless you for your hunger for God’s truth.

In the meantime I would recommend that you check out www.skipheitzig.com, Skip is the pastor of Calvary Chapel, Albuquerque and is one of most balanced an inspirational bible teacher’s I have ever encountered. Also, all his messages from the last 30 years it seems are completely free and come with study notes etc.


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John Holme is the National Coordinator for Operation - Great Britain a ministry which is dedicated to see righteousness restore Britain back to her former greatness or to die in the process.
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